The Navajo Pearl

Hand-stamped sterling silver Navajo pearls, Native American jewelry

Navajo pearls are an integral part of American Indian history, culture and a staple to any fine jewelry collection. The art of making Navajo pearls began centuries long ago and their methods and designs have been taught and passed down from generation to generation.  

The process is very labor intensive. Each individual bead is cut from a sheet of sterling silver, stamped, dapped, drilled, soldered, sanded, polished and strung. Whew! No two pearls are exactly alike.  The artist's intense dedication and passion for the art make these pieces highly cherished and valuable.

Navajo pearls also possess endless versatility when it comes to complementing your wardrobe. Whether worn as a single strand or layered, Navajo pearls can enhance literally any outfit.  Authentic Navajo turquoise jewelry is a wonderful investment because of it's timeless style.  

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