Matthew Charley - Creating a Legacy of his Own.

Matthew Charley, award winning Native American artisan and metalsmith

Born in Gallup, New Mexico, Matthew Charley is well versed in the strength and beauty of Diné history and culture. Inspired by the natural textures found on the reservation, he draws upon the powerful and divine story of his people to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces. His work ethic, style, methods and actions, voice cultural preservation and authenticity. In his own words,

 “Tradition is passed through it, culture is passed through it, the history of our people is tied within the art."

His distinct signature style is called high-textured concentric stamp work. It is meticulous, time consuming and requires a precision hand.

Sonoran Gold belt by Native American artist Matthew Charley

When asked to speak on his present work, Charley believes it is ever-evolving stating, “There are designs yet to be thought and created. I’m constantly learning...I’m setting new goals for myself, there’s really no ceiling when it comes to my potential and creativity. I have so much good to put out into the world. I feel like I’m just getting started."

Matthew hopes to create a honorable and stirring legacy; a legacy that will one day empower the Diné people with the ability to reclaim the traditional craftsmanship of Navajo jewelry...for me right now, it’s just perfecting my craft and allowing the art and my culture to live on through my pieces”.

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