Meet Mary


Mary has owned and operated her own business for the last 35 years.  The last 13 years and counting have been devoted to a turquoise enterprise, Sterling Turquoise and Opal, and now AUDREY Jewelry.

“I want everyone to experience the beautiful nature of turquoise. Each piece in our collection is timeless and has a story to tell.”  


Jewelry is the exclamation mark of style. It will accentuate the lines and colors of a beautiful outfit but more importantly, quality jewelry will bring out the essence of who is wearing it. Jewelry brings a confidence and presence. It makes a statement about who you are and what you want to reflect to others.



The Audrey jewelry logo was inspired by a pivotal moment in Mary’s life. After her divorce, she traveled to Italy to participate in a writer’s workshop. While in the city of Benabbio, hanging above the door in her room was a beautiful clay swallow flying upwards.

“I remember looking up at the swallow above my door and thinking to myself, ‘I need to keep that vision in my mind of going up and always pressing forward.’”

The goal of Audrey jewelry is for our customers to appreciate the beauty and value of turquoise and more importantly, to feel their own beauty when they wear it; to be inspired and feel inspired. 

“Everyone needs at least one piece of turquoise in their collection.”